General Dentistry

General Dentistry

General Dentistry refers to all the routine dental procedures performed at a general dentist office. In our office, we offer our patient tailored treatment to meet their individual needs. Patients are educated and guided to understand each possible treatment option so that they can make the best choice and decision for themselves.

Below is a list of General Dentistry dental procedures performed at our office, you can also check each one out in details under its own section.

Dental Check Up and Teeth Cleaning (see "Hygiene/Periodontal Health" under "Our Services")

Digital imaging, x-ray and Oral Cancer Screening

Conservative Dentistry , non-drilling dentistry, conservative preservation of tooth enamel (see "MI paste tooth remineralization" under "Our Services")

Fillings/ Bondings (see "Bonding/White Fillings" under "Our Services")

Crowns and Bridges (see "Crowns", "Inlay/Onlay" and "Bridges" under "Our Services")

Dentures and partial dentures, implant supported dentures (see "Dentures/Partial Dentures" under "Our Services")

Children Dentistry (see "Pediatric Dentistry" under "Our Services")

Root canal (see "Root Canal endodontics" under "Our Services")

Implant restorations (see "Dental Implants" under "Our Services")

Teeth Extraction (see "Extraction" under "Our Services")

Bleaching and Cosmetic Dentistry (see "Veneers", "Lumineers" and "Teeth Whitening", "Zoom Bleaching" under "Our Services")

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